Road to TBC: 5th Place!

We’re thrilled to announce that we finished 5th place this weekend at Road to TBC, hosted by Wales! After two tough games against Wales & Sweden, we went on to beat Belgium in the last of our 30 minute games. This put us up against Scotland for 5th place in a full length game, with the final score standing Ireland 108 – 56 Scotland.

A big shout out to all the volunteers, officials, opponents, photographers, medics and fans that made Road to TBC another great success!

We’re pretty thrilled with our first outing as a new squad!


Road To TBC

With our new training squad hot off the press and one training session under our belts, the team is off to Cardiff to compete in Road to TBC hosted by our pals over at Team Wales on the 26th and 27th of November.

This year’s event has grown since the successes of 2014, when Wales hosted Ireland, Scotland and West Indies. Now, in 2016 there are 8 teams competing:

West Indies

This is your first chance to see the team in action (and get your chance to buy TI t-shirts) since the 2014 Blood & Thunder World Cup.