About Roller Derby

What is roller derby?

Roller Derby has its roots in the USA as far back as the 1930s as a contact team sport played on quad roller skates. The 21st century has seen roller derby undergo a resurgence of popularity as a female-dominated sport that promotes teamwork, strength, speed and stamina. Currently there are >1500 leagues worldwide. The sport began to increase in popularity in the UK and Europe in 2007.

There are currently 84 female roller derby leagues in the UK (England 67, Wales 8, Scotland 7, and Northern Ireland 2) and 245 leagues in Europe. Roller Derby is a primarily female based sport although it is increasing in popularity with men with 15 leagues in the UK and 19 in Europe. The sport is one of the eight sports still being considered for
inclusion in the Olympics in 2020.

All game-play is conducted on a flat oval-shaped track, on which participants skate anti-clockwise. A game is separated into two-minute jams during which each of the two teams field one jammer and four blockers. Jammers attempt to pass the opposing team’s blockers and score points by lapping opponents. Blockers try to prevent the opposing team’s jammers from passing them while trying to enable their own jammer to get past the opposing team’s blockers – play is therefore both defensive and offensive.